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Pictures showing our current social issues

London talented photographer Bebikeks Romero (Babycakes Romero) specializes in unusual and bizarre photo project in which he tries to touch our current social issues. This time, he decided to show the part is how modern people are addicted to their phones. We begin to

The secret desire of every man

Dream on! And it has the right to everyone. Men as well. Well, the strength of humanity, if you have ever in your life thought: “How would easier life in the world, if …”, then this post is for you. Men! Moves closer to

New York City from above (84 HD Photos)

New York is often called the “capital of the world”: it is “the city for one and all”, has incorporated the features of different cultures, which is reflected in its appearance. The main feature of modern New York – definitely skyscrapers. There are more

A good reason to go to Romania

Romania – not the most popular destination for tourists. Meanwhile, our friends, who recently returned from a trip to this country, absolutely fascinated by it. There really is something to see: the fabulous forests, royal palaces, majestic mountains … For its rich medieval history

10 most corrupt countries in the world in 2014

In these countries, the main thing is not the law, and an envelope with money. In many countries, only a bribe or buy an expensive vacation package officer can help solve administrative issues in state institutions. Organization of Social Progress Imperative, which explores the

Top 10 most luxurious of flights around the world.

Christmas holidays are approaching, and in these winter days are so eager to flag somewhere to the south, closer to the sun and heat. However, the quality of service on the flight, as a rule, can not always please the good service. However, there

See the beautiful woman of the Norwegian army.

In October this year, the Norwegian parliament approved a law under which military service is mandatory not only for men but also women. Norway – the first country – a member of NATO, which in peacetime decided on this innovation. And to make it