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26 Regular People Who Married Into Royalty

Romance representatives of royal families always receive wide publicity. However, public interest in them is particularly strong when the passion monarchs becomes “ordinary mortal.” In this article, we describe the 26 ordinary people who are married with the royal families. REUTERS/Marcelo del Pozo Princess

HD Photos of St Petersburg from roof

Roofs Peter – one of the brands of this city on a par with the Hermitage, Palace Square, Neva and its drawbridges, Peter and Paul Fortress and numerous cathedrals. And if all the other attractions in this or that your visit to Peter I

How Indian women undergoing military training

The international news agency Reuters has published a series of photos over the past few years, where you can see with your own eyes how the local women are trained for handling weapons and martial arts. Cop shows how to hold a rifle during

Flowers under the microscope

Judging by the paleontological findings, the division of living creatures on the kingdom was more than 3 billion years ago. One of them – the plant kingdom. These images of plants and flowers were taken with an electron microscope, and then painted. At high

10 dangerous sports

The modern world has created a variety of sports that have become available to everyone. Many people, who are tired of mundane, boring life, seek to diversify her in all ways, this helps them to various extreme sports, which can hardly be called safe.

Top 10 most environmentally friendly cities in Russia

Ufa, Saransk, Vologda and Moscow took the first four places in the ranking of environmentally friendly urban development in Russia, compiled by the Ministry of Environment. St. Petersburg was not included in the top ten (15th place), and Moscow – the first twenty (23

10 most unusual spa treatments from around the world

As is well known, spa treatments perfectly help not only bring their appearance in order, but also to relax, unwind and recharge with new energy. Today, they are rapidly gaining in popularity, and a spa, literally competing with each other to lure customers with

An interesting approach to the organization of the living space

An interesting project is implemented by the architectural firm Didomestic elii in Madrid, Spain. This extraordinary residence features a new approach to thinking about space. Modern house seems empty and unequipped for life, but in fact it is extremely functional. The spacious rooms are