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13 curious facts about kissing

Today, Valentine’s Day and love is inseparable from kissing. But did you know that most philematology – scientists studying the physiology and psychology of kissing – agree: kiss helpful. Kiss as an important element of the romantic relationship exists in many cultures. On average, each

Amazingly beautiful eyes of real people

It is not known why, but most strikingly beautiful eyes meet the inhabitants of the Middle East and blacks.Some of them are so piercing that frighten, others seem to see right through you. An Afghan boy. Sharbat Gula in his youth, and 17 years

The most popular Turkish cuisine

Turkish Cuisine – a symbiosis of traditions of various cultures. For centuries it was influenced by cultures of the Middle East, and Central Asia Minor and the Mediterranean. The most popular dishes of the local gastronomy are considered meat dishes, which can be called

The finalists of “Miss Universe 2015″

The finale of “Miss Universe 2015″ will be held on January 25 in the sultry Florida. For victory will fight 88 beauties, among which our bright star, a young Julia Alipova. Introducing spectacular photos of beautiful women in bikinis.   

The most current fashion trends 2015

The main fashion trends 2015 quite conservative – it’s pantsuits, pencil skirts, business dress. To add variety to business style, we decided to offer bolder options: overalls, kimono, white lace, which can be worn to a business meeting. Overall with a classic jacket, kimono-like

15 celebrities who look great without makeup

Beautiful, spectacular, perfect – so we are used to seeing celebrities on the covers of glossy magazines.And how often do you see the photos of stars without makeup? As of today, people are usually surprised when female celebrity looks good without powder or blush

“ugly ducklings” of the Western show business

Now many of these celebrities basking in the glory and love of millions of his fans. However, most celebrities childhood was not so rosy, as their lives into adulthood. Rich and popular once too were school outcasts who suffered humiliation and insults. Jackie Chan

How to produce US dollars

Some rushed to buy dollars and other urgently sell them, others zatarilis in hypermarkets killogramm televisions and other household appliances, which undoubtedly will always be in the price and it can then be exchanged for a pleasant buckwheat). But today we will not talk

Top 10 cities to travel in 2015

Publishing House “Lonely Planet”, specializing in travel, published a list of ten cities in the world that are worth visiting in the coming year. Results of the study are based on data obtained from the survey of experts. It is worth noting that in