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10 major automobile novelties 2015

Forbes published The world is growing. During 10 months of 2014, sales of cars around the world increased by 3%. It is projected that growth will continue next year, in the US and Europe, it will be due to lower oil prices in China

The best country for business – 2014

American Forbes published the ninth annual ranking of the best countries for business. In 2014, the list was headed by Denmark, the top-3 includes Hong Kong and New Zealand. Last year’s leader – Ireland – this year was on the 4th place. Russia fresh

10 countries where they drink the most tea

We present to you the top ten countries in which tea – is one of the most popular drinks. Imagine, but among them there is no India or China … (Total 10 photos) Immediately it should be noted that the inhabitants of our planet

25 most radioactive places on Earth

Every day we are exposed to radiation in varying degrees. However, in these 25 places you where the most severe effects of radiation, which automatically makes these places the most radioactive places on earth. If you decide to visit any of them, do not

Celebrities who have never been married

Childhood girls are taught postulate not marry, will remain a spinster all. That all, no one explains. Nevertheless, many beautiful, successful women do not tend to marry and feel great – you can see for yourself. Cameron Diaz have several times had a long

The best sports photos 2014 (41 Photos)

As usual, in December edition of Reuters and AP have prepared a selection of the best sports photos of the outgoing 2014. See the 40 best sports photos of a very eventful 2014! Paulo Goncalves (Team Honda) on the fifth stage of the Dakar

Preparation of New Year in Paris (16 Photos)

Paris has long been find fame as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Kissing at the Eiffel Tower, emotional conversation over a cup of coffee and delicious sweets in one of the many cafes, stroll down the Champs-Elysees, etc. Special spirit

20 films worth seeing for all women

And you will not believe, but they are not necessarily about love. They are complex and unpredictable, as does the fair sex. We have compiled such films worth seeing all women. Save them – sometimes just hear the words, or drawn from the movie

“Ocean Spiral” – city of the future

Japanese engineering company «Shimizu Corporation» has prepared these ambitious projects for underwater city – modern Atlantis. In a floating ball with a diameter of 500 meters located hotel accommodations and commercial facilities. Around the world, there is now growing interest in such projects, as

Protects against colds self care in summer

Summer is long gone, leaving only pleasant memories of holidays. Passed and it is time to “summer”. Today we reflect on the period associated with colds. About this reminds us and the cold weather and the long absence of sunlight, and sad mood, apathy