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Museum of Apple technology

The museum has all the equipment works, all computers have the appropriate software. You can try to come to work, to see how people worked in these companies at one time. Most of the older exhibits many of you.


The joystick.

Tablet Apple Graphic Tablet.

And this is the era of Macs. Lisa 2/Macintosh XL. Issued: 1985 – 1986. Frequency: 5 MHz.

Another tablet, fresher.

Macintosh ci. Issued: 1989 – 1993. The frequency of 25 MHz. Hard drive with this character – 80 megabytes.

Macintosh Plus. Issued: 1986 – 1990. Frequency: 8 MHz.

Machine for web designers. Macintosh Quadra 700. Issued: 1991 – 1993. The frequency of 25 MHz. The hard drive on this unit – 400 megabytes. This is an enormous amount for those years. I have a screw was then 30 megabytes.

Server. Macintosh Quadra 950. Issued: 1992 – 1995. The frequency of 33 MHz. With GB hard disks. This is a general space at that time.

Bent keyboard. Some had a fetish for her during those years.

A large number of laptops Apple.


The museum is the first issue of MacUser-a.

Macintosh Portable. Issued: 1989 – 1991. The frequency of 16 MHz. Hard disk 40 MB. Cost of this laptop six and a half thousand dollars.

Macintosh PowerBook Duo 250. Issued: 1992 – 1995. This is a great solution. Note, that fits …

In the dock, and voila you work as a desktop computer.

Twentieth Anniverary Macintosh. Issued: 1997 – 1998. Frequency: 250 MHz.

iMac G3. Issued: 1998 – 1999. Frequency: 233 MHz. But something tells me that he was sold before 2002. Because I chose such a machine somewhere in that time.

This is the two thousandth. iBook G3. Issued: 2000 – 2001. Frequency: 466 MHz. 320 megs of RAM, 10 gigabytes of the screw. I do not remember the volume at the time, but 10 gigs seems to be enough already in the beginning of the two thousandth.

And indeed a huge collection of magazines, newspapers and books related to Apple, as well as Jobs and Wozniak.

Power Macintosh G4 Cube 450. Issued: 2000 – 2001. Frequency: 450 MHz. But this, apparently, the data presented in the museum staff, because they were relevant to the year 2004.

By the way, the games on Macs.

Once Apple even made video game consoles.

Mario on the Apple 2

Prince of Persia, the most salable toy of the early nineties. It is said, originally written for the Mac.

Newton MessagePad 2000. Produced such devices with 1992 and 1998. 
It was the first handheld computers. And many years later, in 2000 I had the Cassiopeia E-100, it was the first Pocket PC with color monitor. Then of course, such Soup was a novelty.

Apple has had such a chip, the device for developers, they have done in a transparent casing. And then it became a fad.

eMate 300, on OSes Newton. Issued: 1997 – 1998.

Museum – a collection of Andrei Antonov. The collection of almost the entire line of computers and Apple devaysov. Literature, souvenirs, paraphernalia, everything related to Apple. Andrew happy to talk about technique, guided tours. As Wozniak radeet for their children’s education in the field of computer science.

There was a period – Apple and the cameras did.

But of course the founder of Apple-fetish – the first iPod.

Such belts only a few dozen in the world.

Apple 2c Plus. Issued: 1988 – 1990. Frequency: 1 to 4 MHz. At this devayse was OSes ProDOS.
Around this time I first became acquainted with the company. In general, it turns out I have a cybernetic grandfather

Apple 2c. Issued: 1984 – 1988. The frequency of 1 MHz. With the printer and modem.

Apple 2. Years of production: 1977 – 1979. The frequency of 1 MHz.

It turned out pretty mobile solution is almost a laptop.

This is the same Apple 2c Plus, but now with just such a monitor.