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Ten of the world’s most beautiful rocks

Rock «Dan Bristy»

Geographically located on the Atlantic coast of Ireland at a distance of 80 meters, a height – 50 meters.

Scala is widely known among birders as each year millions of birds are building their nests here.source http://trasyy.livejournal.com


Rocks «Risin og Kellingin»

Located in the Faroe Islands, and the name translates as “Giant” and “Bewitched.”



Giant has a height of 71 meters, which is only 2 meters higher than the height of the Witch.


Rock «Kicker»

Located in Ecuador, another name “Sleeping Lion.”



Geographically rock located in the Galapagos Islands. And has a height of 152 meters.

Formed as a result of underwater volcanic eruption on the cliff nests a large number of birds.


Rock “By Tapu”

Located in Thailand and consists of limestone, has a height of 20 meters.



Removed from the island at 40 meters.



4 meters in diameter at the water and 8 feet at the top. Scientists say this place when it was a barrier reef, when the ocean receded education Stoch water and winds.


Rock «Balls Pyramide»

This is a small uninhabited island, which is located near the island of Lord – Howe (Australia) at the point from which in 1788 he was open. The island looks like a huge sail height is 562 m, width – 200 m



Ball’s Pyramid is one of the highest volcanic rocks on the ground.



In 2000, on the island found a giant living stick – the insect, previously believed to be extinct.

The rock “Old Harry”

Location of rock – is the coast of Dorset in England. Rocks are composed of chalk.



These rocks are washed by the surf quickly, for example, in the 18th century from the shore you could walk to the far cliff.


“Twelve Apostles”

It is an amazing coastal cliffs that are in the ocean in the National Park “Port Campbell” in the Australian state of Victoria.



The name “Twelve Apostles”, but rocky peaks was nine. July 3, 2005 one of the rocks collapsed, and the apostles there were only eight. The highest of them is 45 meters in height. Same height cliffs about 70 m



Time of day affects what kind of rocks also changes. Rocks like change color, well into the sunset all are fascinating spectacle.


Rocks “Three Brothers”

These rocks are located at the entrance to Avacha Bay (bay), in a bay boat. Rocks “Three Brothers” are coming out of the water three stone pillars. They are located 300 meters from the shoreline.



“Three Brothers” is a monument of Kamchatka, which is often visited by tourists. One of the most photographed and “postcard” tourist facilities on the Kamchatka Peninsula.


Rock “Sail”


This rock is located on the Black Sea coast, near the village Praskoveevka near Gelendzhik. It was named so because of its similarity to the sail, the same shape, height – 30 meters long and narrow – 25 m cliff stretched perpendicular to the coast. Closest to the shore end of the rock is separated from it by 10 m



This rock was once adjacent to the coast, but eventually collapsed part of the coast, and this residue is solid sand reservoir was due to its strength and durability.



At the bottom of the cliff there is a rounded hole, there is a version that is pierced with arrows mountain artillery somewhere in the middle of the last century. This is not entirely true. S. Vasyukov, exploring the Black Sea coast, examining the rock, wrote in 1903 that it “… fired from the battleship sailors, allowed four shells, but the wall remains firm, although traces of the nuclei, never broken through the cliff.”


The rock “Old Man Hoi”

Geographically rock is in Scotland and has a height – 137 meters.



The composition of the rock – a red sandstone on a basalt pedestal.



Its exact location: west coast of the island Hoy, Orkney. Age – about 400 years.



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